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Summary of Talks for 2022

Date Speaker Topic Venue
22 Jun 2022 Kelvin Wong 10 Key Charts That Matter For H2 2022 9 Raffles Place #30-02
28 Jul 2022 - AGM 9 Raffles Place #30-02
30 Aug 2022 Nicholas Tan The Japanese Art of Trading Zoom Webinar
4 Oct 2022 Nicholas Tan & Wang Tao Is another crisis unfolding? A technical perspective on global markets Zoom Webinar
10 Nov 2022 Marcello Kolax Talk by Marcello Kolax Zoom Webinar
14 Dec 2022 Arlt Wieland How to catch the big swings with one simple strategy IG office


Details of Talks


14 Dec How to catch the big swings with one simple strategy


Wieland Arlt focuses on three criteria for his trading setups: a high probability of occurrence, a long way to the targeted goal and a clear message if the market has changed its mind. These criteria are combined in the expander strategy presented.

Learn why the strategy is suitable for all market phases, get in touch with the ingredients of the strategy and get to know how you can implement the strategy into your trading no matter if you are trading intraday or in the long term.

IG Singapore
9 Battery Rd, #01-02 MYP Centre, Singapore 049910
[members will need to take a pass from IG reception at above address, then proceed to seminar room at level 21]

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14 Dec 2022, 7pm - 8:30pm


Arlt Wieland, IFTA President

Wieland Arlt is one of the most successful traders in Germany, a sought-after speaker and author of specialist articles and books… – Börse Online

Wieland Arlt, CFTe®, is a professional trader, bestselling author and trading coach. As a professional trader he has been dealing with the subject of investing and trading for many years.

He is the author of the bestselling books “Risk and Money Management for Day and Swing Trading“, which has been published in seven languages and “55 Reasons to Become a Trader (German)” as well as of numerous articles in leading financial magazines.

He is President of the “International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA)” as well as Member of the Board of Directors of the “Association of Technical Analysts in Germany (VTAD)” and an official member of the Forbes Finance Council and the Newsweek Expert Forum.

As trader, coach and trainer, it is important to him to train every trader with trading approaches that are easy to understand and therefore also easy to implement.

Especially, the consideration of the individual requirements of each trader is of great importance in his trading classes.

His declared goal is to support traders in achieving their financial goals in a self-determined manner and to trade successfully on the financial markets in the long term.

As a trader and international trading expert, Wieland Arlt lives complete freedom and travels the world as a perpetual traveler.

Wieland Arlt can be reached at: [email protected]


10 Nov Talk by Marcello Kolax

In this talk, Marcello will be bringing the audience back to the basics by covering the history of technical analysis, its evolution over the decades, criticisms, and potential future. If TA is to survive another century, users of this craft must be prepared to teach the next generation. This talk will be a starting point.

Mode of Delivery
Zoom webinar.

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10 Nov 2022 (Thu), 7pm - 8:30pm


Marcello leads the technical analysis team for one of the world’s largest petrochemicals and energy intelligence providers. He is a certified technician and obtained his qualification with the Society of Technical Analysts (UK). Marcello mainly focuses on European energy markets.


20 Oct Identifying Trending Stocks with TAD Indicators

By the end of this webinar, you should be able to understand:
1) the importance of trends.
2) what an uptrend, downtrend, sideways trend is like,
3) know two smart entry methods that we use,
4) know how the Turtle scanner works and
5) have an idea of how the TAD system works as well.
Malaysian and U.S. stock examples will be used to illustrate this trend following system.

Mode of Delivery
Zoom webinar

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20 Oct 2022 (Thu), 7pm - 8:30pm



Founder & CEO of F1 Academy, former Fund manager, researcher, educator & author, with more than 20 years of trading experience. His academic includes professional ACCA & a series of TA qualifications: MSTA (UK), CFTe (USA), 1st Malaysian recipient of MFTA (IFTA, USA) and M.Phil. (MMU). He discovered the Turtle-Atom-Duck or TAD trading system in 2017.

As educator, he founded F1 Academy of Technical Analysis, providing quality TA education since 2007 such as
- The F1-Turtle Stock Course,
- Professional Certificate in Financial Technical Analysis or PCFTA in conjunction with Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia - to prepare students for the Diploma in Financial Technical Analysis, U.K. (MSTA).

We are the top school in providing technical analysis education in Malaysia, scoring 2 out of 3 distinctions in the world in the 2021 Diploma in STA, UK.

He is an author of 8 popular books on Technical Analysis. His Chart Pattern Analysis book that he co-authored with Mr Lim Tat Seng, V.P. of TASS and Mr KH Tan has been the best seller in Popular bookstores in Malaysia since 2015. This book is also available in the Vietnamese language & is popular in Vietnam as well. His book the "Power of Japanese Candlestick Charts" (2015) has been endorsed by the Granddaddy of Japanese Candlesticks, Mr. Steve Nison.

4 Oct Is another crisis unfolding? A technical perspective on the global markets

The US Federal Reserve has been aggressively hiking interest rate. The Fed is not the only central bank to hike rate. Most central banks in the world are pushing up interest rate. What will be the impact on the financial markets? Will the stock market crash?
Inflation is going up, how that will affect the commodities like soybean and corn. What about crude oil and precious metal like Gold and Silver.
It is time to look to the charts for clues to the next price direction. Wang Tao and Nicholas will look at charts of currencies, stock indices, equities, commodities, and precious metal, in hopes of discovering the next gem of 2023.
Join us in the webinar to find out!

Mode of Delivery
Zoom webinar. Link will be shared over email.

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4 Oct 2022 (Tue), 7pm - 8pm


Nicholas Tan & Wang Tao


30 Aug The Japanese Art of Trading

The objective of this webinar is to share the Japanese methods and techniques of forecasting price and trend for better analysis of investment products to give investors and traders a profitable investment return. Participants will get to learn Ichimoku and Heikin Ashi techniques integrated with Candlestick reversal and continuation patterns. Participants will be taught to differentiate a strong trend with Heikin Ashi, and price projections target with Ichimoku to forecast the ending point of the trend. Trend change forecasting with Candlestick reversal signals and Ichimoku reversal pattern can be enhanced with momentum oscillators to improve accuracy.

Mode of Delivery
Zoom webinar. Link will be shared over email.

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30 Aug 2022 (Tue), 7pm - 8pm

Speaker Profile

Nicholas Tan is the President of TASS with 32 years of experience in the financial markets. Prior to joining UOB Kay Hian in 2002, he had worked for 13 years as a FX Trader with various banks in Singapore. He is the author of 2 popular books, “Handbook for Forex Trading” and “Handbook for CFD Trading.” He has made guest appearances on TV program like Money Mind to discuss about Forex Trading. Since 2007, he has given numerous talks and seminars, in the area of technical analysis, locally and overseas for Technical Analysts Society of Singapore and other societies and organizations. Besides holding a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, Nicholas also holds a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation from the Market Technician Association of USA. He is also a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) with the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and has an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment.


28 July TASS Annual General Meeting

28 July (Thu) 6:30pm - 9pm

The Landmark Restaurant
Village Hotel Bugis
390 Victoria Street #05-01, Singapore 188061

This year's AGM will be conducted differently this year. It will be an informal sharing session over a buffet dinner.

Event Agenda
6:00pm   Registration opens
6:30pm   Buffet dinner (until 10pm)
7:30pm   Annual General Meeting
8:00pm   Informal sharing among members over buffet dinner

AGM Agenda
1. Opening speech by president, Wang Tao
2. Election of officer bearers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer)
3. Nomination of internal auditors
4. Other matters

22 Jun 10 Key Charts That Matter For H2 2022

CMC Markets Market Analyst, Kelvin Wong will share his insights and uncover what lies ahead for the global markets in the second half of 2022 with technical analysis related charts.
  • Has the bearish trend ended for global equities?
  • Where will be the US dollar head next after a +10% rally seen in the US Dollar Index since the start of 2022?
  • What’s next for oil, $140.00 for WTI Crude or $60.00 ?
  • Will the “ Fed put” resurface to reverse liquidity tightening ?
  • Which assets classes offer outperformance opportunities?

9 Raffles Place #30-02
Republic Plaza Tower 1
Singapore 048619

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22 Jun 2022 (Wed), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Kelvin Wong, CFTe, Market Analyst & Client Education
Kelvin has over 15 years of experience in forex and shares, working at hedge funds and leading research firms, including BBSP, where he acted as an adviser on Asian hedge funds and international investment banks. He's an expert in using a unique combination of fundamental and technical analyses, specialising in Elliot Wave and fund flows positioning to pinpoint key reversal levels in the financial markets. Kelvin has also been named by FX Week as the 'Top Forecaster' for major currencies, as well as emerging currencies, on a frequent basis. Passionate in connecting the dots in the financial markets and sharing trading and investment ideas, Kelvin has conducted seminars and training programmes for thousands of private traders in Singapore and Malaysia.