Summary of Talks for 2013

Date Speaker Topic
21 Mar (Thu) Soh Tiong Hum How market sentiment can be a valuable price-action indicator
10 Apr (Thu) Daniel Ang Trading with an Edge
June Wang Tao When Does Technical Analysis Fail to Work for You?
2 Aug (Fri) Nicholas Tan Incorporate Technical Analysis Into Trading Success
28 Aug (Wed) Ivan Koh Gartley Pattern - Trade What You See
23 Oct (Wed) Neil Godwin Lower risk with higher returns by substituting shares with call options
28 Nov (Thu) Lim Tat Seng Charting Financial Markets
28 Nov (Thu) Sunny Chong Protect your Investment


Details of Talks


21 Mar ​​​How market sentiment can be a valuable price-action indicator

21 Mar (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Soh Tiong Hum, Managing Director of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd


Some of the biggest challenges of trading forex are:

  1. Intraday volatility caused by news flow
  2. Handling different perceptions of trend in different timeframes
  3. Juggling between price level and momentum

As a result, a simple question 'what is trend?' becomes complicated.

TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® uses a very simple method of looking at period open-high-low to determine trend. BUT we are not talking about candlesticks. When combined with the unique 'CTRL-Y' feature inside MT4, the result is a method that makes trend jump out visually no matter which timeframe the trader is on.

10 Apr Trading with an Edge

10 Apr (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Daniel Ang, Chief Analyst of Singapore Stocks Forum


The talk will focus on four Scenarios of Price & Volume Relationship with many local stocks examples.

Mr. Daniel Ang specializes in Price & Volume Action trading and brings valuable experience to amateurs through his mentoring. He has been actively trading full-time for over 6 years and is well-known by his peers as ‘Contra king’. Previously a Senior Mentor of established trading schools for 5 years, Daniel now conducts private coaching tailored for small group participants. His passion for trading drives him to actively share his knowledge with aspiring traders, giving them confidence in their ability.

Leveraging on his deep understanding of market dynamics, Daniel pioneered the ‘Understanding Price & Volume Relationship Workshop’ in 2011, a topic he could strongly relate to as an intraday trader. Numerous traders who have gone through the workshop praised him for sharing an invaluable knowledge that completely changed their perspective of trading. Daniel possesses a strong ability to anchor fundamental concepts through the use of real examples and easy to understand methodologies.  

Jun When Does Technical Analysis Fail to Work for You?

Speaker Profile

Wang Tao is the president of TASS and a market analyst with Reuters News.

  • When does technical analysis fail?
  • The weaknesses of support and resistance.
  • The fatal deficiencies of Indicators
  • Troubles when applying moving averages.
  • The beloved and cheating RSI.

2 Aug Incorporate Technical Analysis Into Trading Success

2 Aug (Fri), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Nicholas Tan has 23 years of experience in the area of foreign exchange (forex) trading.

  • Principle of Technical Analysis and the limitation of Technical Analysis;
  • Trading is more than just a technique or method;
  • Trading Success and its foundation;
  • An insight into how the Pullback System was developed and the consideration taken into developing the system.

28 Aug Gartley Pattern - Trade What You See

28 Aug (Wed), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Ivan Koh

  • What is Gartley Pattern & How does it Related to Fibonacci Trading
  • How to Profit from Pattern Recognition
  • How I Design a Trading System to facilitate my trading

23 Oct Lower risk with higher returns by substituting shares with call options

23 Oct (Wed), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Neil Godwin is a private investor and after actively investing for over 25 years brings a wealth of experience to his mentoring services. He offers private consultations to improve and expand a student’s investing while guiding them with their open trade positions. His mentoring is tailored to your personal specifications and can include personal mentoring, instruction on stocks, CFDs, index futures or options, trading plan reviews, creation and advice, hedging strategies, risk management planning, private instruction on investing concepts, including technical analysis and money management, short selling, and basic instruction on the share market. [Licensed Advanced Derivative Adviser, RG 146, Mining Engineer, Cert Business Administration].Neil’s mentoring patience is legendary and his hands-on approach and passion is complimented by the fact that he actively invests for himself full time. He is generous in sharing his knowledge with each student personally. His unique advantage lies in his ability to guide a student through a methodology that enables them to gain confidence in their own ability to invest.


The presentation will clearly illustrate the simplicity of investing with Call options instead of shares. By selecting the stocks with the best fundamental statistics and by utilizing Neil’s strategies, an investor can achieve returns normally only associated with highly speculative stocks but without the risk which would be associated with those highly speculative stocks. Neil Godwin has invested with options since 1992 & is willing to draw on this depth of experience to answer any questions you may have at this meeting. No advice will be given but no ‘options’ questions will be out of bounds. Detailed comparisons, explanations & examples will be covered. It is Neil’s opinion that a new bull market has already begun and anyone looking to benefit from it over the next few years should not miss this opportunity.

28 Nov Charting Financial Markets

28 Nov (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Lim Tat Seng

  • News & Composite Man
  • Review of Major World Indices
  • Review of Commodity Charts
  • Review of STI Weekly Bull & Bear Divergence Chart
  • A Random Walk through Singapore Stock market
  • Price action on Bulls & Bears

28 Nov Protect your Investment

28 Nov (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Sunny Chong

  • Medishield Changes and how that affect you
  • Claims - Successful and Unsuccessful ones
  • Doing it right: How to protect yourself with the correct coverage
  • How to avoid pitfalls when taking up insurance